Mental torture by mother-in -law and sister-in-laws

Hello , iam 25 year old ..i got married last year... arranged mariage. me and my husband is equally nt working now. my husband has 3 sisters..his mother and sisters always creating a problem between us ...they directly and indirectly say sumthing which insult me and my family..infact my family 1ly spent full money for wedding..iam t 1ly girl to my parents...still now i didnt complained anything to my parents..i dnt want to give any pain to them..but they spoke very badly to my father and mother even.. even my husband dnt lik tat.. he support me in sum his mother always talk about their daughters and create problem to him.. he will b silent ..i many time said to him dnt giv any explaination to your sisters..simply sayi wl tak care of my he afraiding to speak directly..simply their sisters cal him and start about me ..even they spoke very bad about my character..actualy me nd my husband staying away from them bcz of his work.. bt wen at all we moving to his home all his sisters cum 2 home.. they are very concious in proving tat home is theirs and i dnt want to take any rights ther..his mother directly said ths 2 his son.. she dnt lik am using their kitchen even..mentally nd physically am so affected by them..still i didnt opened to them.i jst gave all respect to wen they spoke badly to my parents..i caled 2 mother in law nd asked y u spoke lik tat to my parents ..wat i did...she dnt hav answer..she jst how can i question her..nd saying v dnt want to mary a girl lik u .. nd so many words.. so please give me a way how to handle tis problem.. and legally how can i handle this..