Interim maintenance

Marriage 14 dec 14 She left on 14 June 2015 on her own free will because she did not want to procreate and extend family. Father in law's interference was paramount cause of her leaving. She was dropped at bus stand by me and her brother had come to take her - proofs available She was earning before marriage and is BTECh False dowry allegation was levelled in addition to domestic violence which were proved false in police station. Interim maintenance was ordered since date of application at 1/3 of min monthly income (INR 9000) without looking at current income(business earnings) and current earnings standard despite of the fact that she is able bodied, left on her own and even filed false dowry case. I do not have the funds to pay for interim maintenance since application date, however my lawyer is not willing to put this forth and keeps compelling me to settle. They have filed CRR for more maintenance at the stage where they were supposed to file evidence to the judge. What can I do?