Share Certificate

I am an NRI (living in US though Indian Citizen) . We purchased a flat in Mumbai directly from Builder in 1999. Later , when the Society was formed , the society did not hand over the Share Certificate since we had loan . They did not send it to the Bank either. After the loan was paid in 2010, we approached the Secretary . The Secretary said Chairman has lost the share certificates and Chairman blamed the Secretary. Subsequent to that, the Society was taken over by an Administrator appointed by the Registrar due to gross mismanagement. I have sent numerous letters to the Administrator but there were no response. About a year back, the society was again handed back to the committee. I then submitted all required papers including application, bank letter certifying that the loan has been paid and even an affidavit confirming that I have never received the certificate . The papers were submitted in February/March 2017 but the Share Certificate has still not been issued. The Secretary (the same Secretary who was there earlier) says, it will be done in due course. It may be noted , that the issue of my certificate was included in the Agenda for Special General Meeting held on 13/06/2017 but now I am being told that it need to be discussed in AGM It has been 7 years since I first asked for the share certificate . What are the next steps ? Can we file a consumer case ?