Passport officers are not accepting my date of birth change

Sir, my Passport was issued on 2007 ,it is going to expire 2017 , almost 9 years completed . I am not even working in any government services , I wish to travel to Europe , for that Birth certificate legalization is required , Since there is a mismatch in passport and my birth certificate , I applied for date of birth change in passport via online and Paid fee for renewal & amending once I submitted all my documents , PSK people are not ready to accept my application , citing the new order which came on NOV 26 2005 , as per the new order , Passport holding 5 or more years can not amend any details more. here is the news : my case is genuine , my illiterate parents were not aware of birth certificate , my school authorities were never asked birth certificate while taking my admission , even They made date of birth as uniform or as they wished . I could correct my PAN, AADAHR, I don't understand , why this rule is implied to passport alone , people should have a chance to correct thier information anytime , Please help me , how can i question this stupid rule