I got married on 29 Jan 2015, now am 6th month pregnant and due to the egoistic dispute between mother-in-law and me my husband is not interested to stay with me. on 08/08/2015 i got to know am preg, then i shared this with my husband but rather supporting on this he pressurized to abort and put the condition if i do not abort then leave the house. And behaved so badly I can say he was ready for any kind of violence. Even my in laws (Relatives) assured me that now it’s not good to stay at husbands place as you are not keeping well go to your parent’s place i also planned to come to parents place. But now suddenly everyone is creating a rumor against me to prove as was not a good girl. and they started saying that was having an attraction towards my Ex relationship and due to same reason was not behaving good at my in-laws place (which is 100% wrong) and on the same ground they are asking me to forget my husband and leave him* they have not pointed that he want divorce and to abort the child*which i don’t want. Please advise if i can file an FIR against my husband that i left me after I got pregnant and now he and his family is not responding to me.