Credit Card due payment after card block.

Cleared outstanding payment of HDFC bank and blocked my card(no-X). After two months received a message - due payment of 4000 is on your crad (no-Y), there was difference of 1 digit in the card numbers. I ignored this message. Now HDFC bank's advocate called and asked me to pay the amount which they have increased to 8000 or they will file case against me. Few points to be brought in notice- In there details they have my name wrong, skipped an "A" at the end, my gender wrong its MALE according to them. They don't have my email id. Previously, I tried to contact customer care to register complaint regrading the same, but they didn't entertained me, as they had the card in name of a MALE. Then when I received the outstanding balance message and calls for making payment, again approached CCare, they denied me of any info for the same reason. According to me, I don't think there is any pending payments, but still I will visit there office on Saturday to check the statement for May 2015. Please suggest....should I go for the settlement, if I find anything or can I put it on them in any way possible.