Hello Sir / Madam, My father has including him 4 brothers & 3 sisters , from that 2 brothers & 2 sisters already died. Now my uncle who is elder brother of my father he is unmarried ,Handicapped , has no source of income all his responsibilities taking by my father only and living with us since starting his age is 65, Our house is in the name of my grandfather & he also died without making any will after his death we doesn't done any changes in the house document only from ration card we remove his name because he is died & had person of our family, and as per my uncle instructions that he has no his family since he is unmarried so he suggest my father to transfer Ration card in to my father's name so we done the same. Our original home was breakdown in 1980, then government give us home in tranzit camp but owned by them only not in our name, then now after 34 years they are going to give home in ownership but we have to fulfill so much terms & conditions in limited period . Which we already initiated but now matter is we want to transfer this new home to my father's name & my uncle ready to give NOC that he has no objection to transfer this new home in to my father's name, but so many different opinion received from different people some are suggest to take NOC from my Father's sister who is living and to attach copy of Death certificate of my uncles & my aunties who is no more. Now the problem is that we can collect only one uncle's & one aunt's death certificate from his or her children's now in this situation CAN HIS/HER CHILDRENS DEMAND PART OF OUR HOME? Further my one uncle & one aunt's death certificate we can't attach because they died long back & their family's doesn't have this document. SO IN THIS CIRCUMSTANCES PLEASE SUGGEST HOW TO PROCEED FURTHER ? Your suggestions is very important for me please provide the same, Thank you in advance.