Mental harassment

Sir/Ma'am, I am an working single women stayin in a flat at a sharing basis. The problem started since 15th of nov. The Room I was staying is a master bedroom of which the rent is 7300/-. Two ppl could hav easily stayed there...before me there were two girls staying. Since i chose to stay alone i had to pay complete amt. which i did. Now one of the room in the same flat got vacated...i opted to take that room (as rent of that room is 4500/-). After informin my decision of taking the room other two girls asked if no girl comes for the room i vacated then who is goin to bare the amt. of the room...i said everyone equally. They got irritated and didn't wanted to share. afterthat every night discussion and argument askin me to bare both the room amt. as it was my room. Wen i informed [owner he said...its not my house why i should bare the amt. alone...everyone should share. They both were not at all ready to talk to owner neither to was very disturbing daze for me. After all that i got the girl who was ready to pay the rent 7300/- and she didnt inquired much...only cupboards she checked and saidyes for the room...i asked hertwice whether she has any ques. or doubts..she said no and said she will give me the deposit that ivery night only. I received the deposit and informed rest two girls that I got the girl for the room. The problem didnt got solved...after three daze the new girl came and said...she cant pay 7300/- as her room and my room ( the room i shifted into) are almost same so the rent should be reduced of her room, i said all these discussion should hv done before and in any case thats the room rent which i paid for 16mnths. as its master bedroom. Other two girls also joined hands with her and started asking me to increase my room's rent. I said i have already paint the amt. for 16 mnths then how can they ask me topay again for the same room. Owner in a mean while was...I cant ask anyone to increase the rent, you all have to decide. It has been very torturous daze...and still the owner is not taking any stand and waiting that we all will come to some conclusion. I told him this is the issue created...not genuine prob. and they three are just creating problem for me. how can we solve the prob. wen we r fighting. And nw those three girls are trying to convince owner to ask me to vacate. I would have done this(vacating the room) before hand only but somehow this is I am not founding correct on human grounds (waTEVER they r asking me to do), so i hv decided to stay and fight for my rights. I dont know whether i should file any case or its just a small thing. BT it has disturbed me a lottt...and still it is as its still not solved. p.s - NO agreement nth. has been done. the rents wee decided by previous girls, which has been following uptill nw. Please guide me Thanks