I have been accused under IPC 420, 408

I had been working with XYZ company for 6 years. I was told to move to a different process in the company and was asked to be on bench for 1 month after which i was supposed to move. In this one month i had no work in the office. Out of boredom and curiosity i did something foolish but not for my personal gain or money. I decide to quit the company during this period because i was mentally broken. Imaging going to Office for 1 month with no one to talk and being all alone, it was like going through hell. as ti say " An empty mind is a devils workshop" It happened to me. After 3 years police turns up at my place and says the company has registered IPC 420, 408 against me. I did tell the police and the Company HR Dept. that what i did was a genuine mistake but not for personal gain. The company said they will contact the legal team and get back to us. Scenario 1: In case the company asks for a compensation and wants to withdraw the case, how do we proceed. Scenario 2 : If the company wants to go with court proceedings, how can i prove them that it was a genuine mistake?