Cancellation of "Offer of Appointment"

With regards, my case details are as below:- 1. I was working as an Assistant Grade-III in Food Corporation of India. Meanwhile, I got an “offer of appointment” from Comptroller and Auditor of India, New Delhi for the post of Junior Hindi Translator. In the said offer of appointment, it was clearly mentioned that I have to report AG, Nagpur Office with NOC and proper relieving order from my current employer. Accordingly, I resigned from FCI after serving two months notice period and one month salary in lieu of the remaining notice period. 2. After being relieved from FCI on 28.11.2015, I reported on 30.11.2015 at AG, Nagpur office. But AG, Nagpur started raising questions about my eligibility qualification and didn’t let me allow to join. I submitted a representation with due acknowledgment on 02.12.2015 which has not been replied until today i.e 14.12.2015. They say that the representation has been forwarded to CAG, New Delhi and they will inform me about the outcome as soon as they get a reply but refused to give me this in writing. 3. It is worth mentioning that I appeared in two exams and an interview conducted by SSC for the said post. At the time of interview, all the certificates were to be presented for verification and I did the same. Hence, after these exams I was nominated to CAG for further process. My antecedents were verified before issuing me an offer of appointment. 4. My contention is that they should have duly verified everything before issuing me an offer of appointment since I resigned from FCI just because I was ensured for this job. 5. I am eligible as per the Eligibility Qualification desired in the advertisement released by SSC but not as per the Gazette shown by CAG Department to me. III. Educational Qualifications: A. For Junior Hindi Translators (in Subordinate Offices): (i) Masters Degree of a recognized University or equivalent in English/ Hindi with Hindi/ English as a compulsory or elective subject at degree level or (ii) Bachelor’s Degree of a recognized University or equivalent with Hindi and English as main subjects (which includes the term compulsory and elective). Note: (i) Those candidates who have passed B.A (Hons) in English/Hindi with Hindi/English as subsidiary/(Modern Indian Language) MIL subject are eligible for the post of Junior Hindi Translators (ii) Candidate must ensure that they have studied English and Hindi as main subjects and not as a paper in all three years of BA Pass course. I possess the eligibility as per Note (i) Secondly, even If I am ineligible as per SSC or CAG, Am I entitled for a job because negligence is on their part? I didn’t know this complication from the very beginning. I resigned only after receiving an offer of appointment and accepted it. Please guide me for further course of action. How should I approach court of law in my case? What is the possibility of getting my previous job or the job offered at CAG? Please let me know about your fee structure also, if there is a solution of my issue in the court of law. Thanks and regards.