Debt recovery

Hi i was a sub broker to kotak securities. and i had clients trading with me. in the intention of creating more profits to one of my client we traded in her account without her permission. in the intention of making money we lost all her investment of around 5 lacs. when she realized about her loss we accepted our mistake and committed to repay her investment amount. due to market losses my financial position was really bad with lot of family issues. i have been paying her money in parts since 2012 to 2014 to a tune of around 2.75 lacs. its been a year that i have not been able to pay her any installment. now her husband is calling up 100-150 times during the day and mid night threatening to pay the balance amount and also humiliating me in every call he makes. i have been politely answering him and committing to repay by requesting sometime. now he keeps calling all night also threatening me that he shall expose me in my social network, my relatives and my friends. also would put our chat details on facebook telling people that i am not paying his money that i lost into shares. as my financial position is not good i am unable to commit the date of repayment. due to his actions i am mentally very disturbed and undergoing depression.