Legal advice

Respected sir, I have been charged under IPC section 335,337 for rush driving. Scenario is...i was driving bike and suddenly one drunk man came in between so i could not control and hit him. We both were hospitalised. He was in hospital for 3 months. And i had suffered frcature on bone above eye. He is fine now and can walk and do daily activities. Now the thing is neither that person had logged complain against me nor i did. But the state police has logged complain against me for rush driving. There are 5 witnesses. Now the court has been running from march 2015 till now. Medical report of our district hospital has mentioned that the pedestrian(old man) was drunk. My bike got only some scratches and nothing major damage to bike , so its clear that i was not high speeding. How much time it will take to settle this case. I have advocate apoointed on my behalf, but its such a headache to go and sit whole day, and at last the witnesses dont come for court. Its been 3 times now. What shall i do to end this case ? I am 24 years of age and my whole career is on line. I cant even get passport. What shall i do ??