Husband's Right

Dear Sir.. I had been working overseas from last 25 plus years and all through out my life I sent the house hold expenses to my wife and my one only house property was bought in my wife's name and all the gold that was bought from my earnings for my daughters wedding is with my wife and today I am retired and unwell. My wife and daughters are pestering me to get back to work and threatening to sell the property and use the money as they want! The whole community and the relatives n both the sides are by my side but I want to know what the Law says in such condition, as my daughter keeps threatening me by saying, I have the right on this house! I am on the brink of emotional breakdown and want to know what can be done as mother and daughter has not contributed a single penny towards any expense or the property. My daughter was involved in hitting my wife and then banging her head to the wall causing heavy bleeding when I was overseas for which my wife refused to lodge a case. She has some how made my wife in her pocket for which, my wife is been shaking her head 24x 7. Counseling and religious advice's have failed, so looking for legal advice's please