Information on our rights

Hello Madam/ sir. Would really appreciate kindly guide me what steps should i take in the below mention scenario. we had a bungalow and my father made the flats, from last 1 year one family is troubling us as they dont want muslims to stay ( we are staying in this property from last 34 years and never faced any problem). In 2013 they have sent some drunken man and created a nuisance, they pick fights on small things , recently my father was making guard room on parking basement and they broke the wall, we were not able to understand as it was for everyone's safety and not ready to keep the guard and doesn't give maintenance, recently i have found our troublesome neighbors were using our electricity every night they connect their meter with my meter,they have been doing from last 5 months i use to see the wire but couldnt understand , we caught them red handed. kindly guide how to give application about them as we are peaceful people and dont want fights and tension. Thanks in Advance