Absconding status after prior notice

I Am Anoop John, I worked with NSEIT Ltd for 5.6 years.As per Offer letter which I sign in Mumbai when I joined mentioned that one month notice before confirmation and after 3 months in pay in lieu. I have worked 13+ hours without any break last 15 months in delhi and worked many sundays without comp off weekly, my days start by 6.30 AM and end 10 Pm daily including sunday.They just paid Rs.200 as conveyance allowance for 4 hrs work and no extra wage paidI was expected a min hike of 10% but they have given only 3% and no promotion in last 5 years.I fed up with tight work schedule and they violated all norms of offer letter. I have resign on 08 Oct 2015 and informed all that relieve me on 09 Nov as I had 45 days EL balance which I served for company.I extended my service till 22 Nov as per the request of managers for new Project . All Managers and HR promissed me relieving after 22 Nov, But VP of company not agree due to so many resignations..They sent me one warning letter to complete 2 more months notice period but I am not able to do the same. Now they are trying to put me in ABSCONDING status and trying to lagging my relieving order and experience Certificate. They relieved many employees with 10-45 days notice, but they are creating unnecessary issue here as 2 other employees also put resignation. Please guide me.