Mental harrasment

I have been married for more than 20 years, coming from a well off family. It was an arranged marriage to a well off family. Initially I was treated as a maid in the house, but have suppressed me all of the 20 years. In the period of 20 years, my in laws have not provided me with any sort of income, my husband worked in their business, but he never cared about earning money at the time and provide for our family, I have 2 kids, who are now in college. For this reason I took up a job in the United States 10 years ago,and me my kids and husband shifted there. My earnings were totally controlled by my husband, who didn't earn during that period. I worked for more than 5 years and earned more than 3 cr during this time. My husband being from a well off family was a careless spender and never thought about saving. He spent all my earnings over the 5 years. Due to health reasons and stress from the job I couldn't work anymore so moved back to India after coming back my husband started working in the family business and I worked here but didn't earn much. My sister in law has a major influence on my in laws, it has been more than three years that we shifted back and my in laws feel they arent obliged to provide me my salary back, sister in law who is married has more property and say in the house than me and my husband. I feel mentally harassed as my in laws feel they have earned their money so they are not obligated to provide for me. Im helpless I asked my family to help but they couldn't. I cant face the society I was brought up in because I have to face many humiliations. I have restricted myself in the house and feel depressed all the time. We live separately from our in laws and my husband isn't strong enough to face them and bring us out of the situation, we run a small business currently trying to get by. Are there any laws that provide me my financial independence? Please help.