Legal heir of deceased gurantor

The gurantor provided gurantee for a company and no property mortgaged.After he passed away,when the company became NPA the bank went to DRT and the Recvry officer was issuing notice to the son and daughters (legal heirs) for clearing the debt.The gurantor has house and adjoining land and the son is living theere.The daughterd have filed a suit asking for their share.The property is self acquired.Somehow the bank got hintvof this and wanted to be a party and requested that the partirion not be allowed till debt is cleared.The daughters have submitted to the court that they have no objection to that also.They, who were living with husband somehow were not aware of the notice of RO if and when they received it nor implications.They never mentioned about this to anybody.Out of the sisters two have passed away recently.Their children who had no idea about the loan or gurantee and have requested to join the the civil case of partition for property have received the notice from RO of DRT individually to pay the debt.Till now the matter is subjudice and these children who are all independent and working have not got any share of the deceased gurantors property. Kindly advise: What the children should do now.What exactly is their liability. If they donot respond to RO notice what happens. Is there a threat that their personal bank balance and property can be attached? They donot mind if the gurantor property is auctioned and the debt is recovered.they want to be out of it.