Harassing by neighbor

Respected Sir, Me and My family suffering from my neighbor He always misbehave with my parents. Recently he construct a new building be side of my house. Now the problem is, he fit one side transparent glasses for his windows. and always seeing at my home. My mother wash the cloths at balcony. and bathroom also has outside. from his windows he always seeing at my house, Cause of this reason we are feeling so embarrassing. I told him to change transparent glasses and set Blur type of glasses. But, he didn't listen and said that "it's my house , I can do anything to my house. who the hell are you to say me." Cause of this issue, we are unable to come out side. we spending time mostly in house only. My family position became like house arrested. If i explain about this to police, is there any chance to take action.? My family feeling so uncomfortable. Please give me suggestion to get out of this problem. I am so thankful if i get solution. Thanking you in advance.