Forcing me to give the salary to the inlaws

I am from kolkata and married in Agra on 4th feb 2014. I am living in Agra with my inlaws. My mother in law and brother in law both are mentally torchering me. My X- Jithani is also died by their mental torcher. They both are forching me to take money from my father or from your job. The brother -in-law is keeping all the money of our factory with them. If my husband is interfering in the factory work or asking any thing related to my factory he say it not your matter and threatening that he will commit suicide. Now a day they are not giving any money for our survival. The brother in law is also mentally and phsically torchering his own wife daily. I had a video recording of the same. He come daily in drinking position and also playing Jua and betting and wasting the full money. My husband is also not taking any action against them. After living with them for 1 year i get to know that they had said many lie to me about factory and house. I am get frustrated with their rude and harmful behaviuor with me So I am writing to you. If in case I am died or any thing happens to me you will straight take the action against them. Regards