Cheating by cousine

Respected sir/madam i also donot know in innitial stage how they took my photos and what types of photos those were.but i myself and my family were many times in their house and they too.actually my aunty tried to spoil my life.she tried to fixed my marriage with a boy who was my classmate and without job. many time she called me and forced me to marriage him.even she told me to come out from home without informing my she is having huge money she will take care.i was marriage was almost fixed.knowing all she was preasuring me.she was also tried to break my this environment one day evening his son came and told me that he will give me all my photos.but for that i also have to give him i gave him for oral..............but next day he want off and didnot give me anything.i asked many time but he was showing his fathers capability.i am from very poor family and we had so many family problem. we had no capacity to fight against them.but after my marriage when he asked for physical relation that time i understood that he is cheating me and his mother and some other family members are helping him from back .