Borrowed money but since 1 year not given back -MALAYSIA

Hi, i am currently living kaula lumpur,Malaysia,in 2014 sep i have given one room for rent in my flat for a person his name is mohammed shaik Rafi (from Andhra Pradesh,Nellore) he used to say that he was working in IT company,then i believed and keep in my flat. He stayed in my Flat since one plus year didn't pay rental and some more he borrowed a lot of money also,he literally has to pay around 16,000/= Malaysian Ringgets(Sixteen Thousand), and 20K INR as per the currency conversaion around 3lakhs, he borrowed money from so many people here in malaysia and india also. when ever i ask about rental he used to say HR is not paying salaries project payment is blocked so on.. etc he used to say his father had a brain operation need money for hospital bills, i trusted him and i give him money with out knowing his full background. like that kind of stories told me every day.. when i realized he is playing drama the next day it self he ran away from my flat, since 2 months he is escaped and hiding some where. this GUY really big time fraud and Cheater. he know how to grab money from innocent people but he wont pay until now ,any one in malaysia and some people in india also. so right now i have a written paper document saying that this much amount he borrwd from me, and i have few telephone conversation has been recored, and also have a video while discussing about the money matter. How i can get back my amount? what are the possible way to file a police case against this bugger. We are really appreciate ,if you could Help out this situation. looking for prompt Respond as soonest.