Regarding name

Respected sir/madam, I've been married for just six months. V both are doctors. I'm 26 and she is 24. Arrange marriage. As day one from my marriage I am undergoing lots of troubles from my wife and in law's side. They r torturingme me mentally. My wife not respecting me on anything. Even my parent's. She wants my parents out. Or they are asking me to come and stay in their home as homebride. Lot's of fight and my in law's and mg wife brother all telling and teaching my wife do these so and so. Now she says I'm not willing to live with me unless my parents away from me. But they are not having anyone except me. Now they're threatening me against false case scenario. 498A and DV. Past 20 days she is in her home. But now her another brother marriage they are using my name as her husband in marriage invitation. They don't need me but they want my identification. They r planningon to get a divorce. I don't want my name to be in that invitation. If I'm not willing but shop keeper put means even after saying don't put can I file a case against them or on shop keeper? If so means what can I file against shop keeper?