Relieving letter

I joined a company(Dated- May 22,2015).Everything was going well but unfortunately I got dengue fever(Dated- Aug 20,2015) and couldn't attend the office for almost three weeks.I had been admitted in the hospital for one week and then was advised to take rest for further 10 days.When i joined back the company (dated Sep 14, 2015),the real problem started.My reporting manager called me and asked me to resign with immediate effect.I tried to convince her but she ignored me stating that-"Nothing is in my hand,it's an order from the senior management and HR team as you were on such a long leave ". Finally,i had to talk to my general manager(over phone) regarding this and she told me that _"your reporting manager has reported bad about your productivity and has also reported that you have not been following the company rules properly in the past". I politely stated that_"Mam,i have not been ever given a single warning(written or verbal) and she said she will look in to the matter". Meanwhile i was trying to get my medical reimbursement(Amount Rs. 45,000/-) process done but i received a response from HR team that you are covered under ESIC so you please contact them in this regard.However I'd like to mention that my Monthly salary is more than 15,000/- so,technically i shouldn't be covered under ESIC. ESIC declined any reimbursement and once again i contacted the HR that how have they put me under ESIC scheme? This time my reporting manager called me and told me that you're being transferred(from Bangalore to Kerala) so either you resign or you report to Kerala(tomorrow,dated Sep 18,2015). Once again i called the general manager and she asked me to write an email to my reporting manager for reconsideration on my resignation letter(due to poor health constraint).The reporting manager was requested to make a request to general manager regarding this but she never did so. I've the email communication(as proof). Finally i received an email from HR(Dated- Sep 24,2015) tat- "We are pleased to inform you that, your transfer has been approved as Jr .Officer, IT Dept, with effect from 28th September 2015 to Administrative Office at Valapad, Thrissur. Accordingly you may report to Mrs. J**y O*m**en, General Manager-IT." I made another request for reconsideration but it wasn't consider.I had only two choice either i resign and do not claim my medical reimbursement amount as well or to seek some legal option. I reported to Bangalore office itself(on Sep 28,2015) and met the CTO(chief technical officer). He was surprised that how could some one report bad about my productivity or behaviour as I've attended many of his technical meetings and i used to be one of the most participating and thoughtful fresher.. He asked me to raise an official tour till Oct 4,1015 and assured me that meanwhile he would talk to the HR team and figure out some ways. I've the screenshot of that tour(as proof and it wasn't rejected till my resignation date). Finally nothing worked out and I had to report to kerala on Oct 05,2015. When i reported there,i was forced to resign. I did not agree. I even told them that i'll go to the court.. I also told them that they have wrongly deducted ESIC contribution from my salary and i shall be given medical insurance coverage(as per the company norms). Finally EVP,HR of the company called me and said that he is ready to process my medical claim but i will have to resign with immediate effect. Finally they forced/convinced me to resign (with immediate effect). I've they provided me a copy of resignation(duly signed by General manager & EVP,HR).They also provided me the acknowledgement of my mediclaim forms and required hospital bills submission. I got the mediclaim amount(Rs. 38,000/-) after so many follow up. But i did not get the relieving/experience letter. When i asked them for it,they stated that as i did not serve the notice period so they are not liable to provide it.I wrote an email to EVP,HR about my relieving letter, he reverted back to the HR manager(also marked a copy to me) saying that did he resign on the same date as per the the discussion(i.e- with immediate effect)?if yes,then forward his file for review. It has been more than two weeks and i did not get it as of now.I also requested them for the update on this but no reply.I also sent a reminder after 5 days but still no reply.However,when i called the HR manager he said that they can't provide it. I cleared a job interview last month but after HR round they asked me for relieving letter and other required document.I couldn't provide the relieving letter(i made a request to my previous employer and made them aware about of it,and yes i've the proof for it) but they didn't respond. I'm currently jobless and couldn't even join a new employer with the relieving letter. So, may I please request you to guide me about the legal options in this situation.. Thanks & Regards,