Divorce and Joint Property Issue

I am a permanent resident in the US (NRI). My wife and I got a court marriage in the US in 2005, and then we went through a Hindu marriage in India in 2007. We got an uncontested divorce in 2015 in the US due to irreconcilable differences. In 2006, my parents had bought a property in Pune, India for us. As part of the divorce settlement, my wife and I agreed to splitting the property share 50-50. But the problem is that the property still has my Mother and Father's name on it. My father is now deceased. My wife wants to get the property transferred from my parents' name to my and her name, so that she feels secure that she will get 50% of the property. What is the best way to do this name change will sitting in the US? My wife (or rather ex-wife) wants me to get a Memorandum of Agreement that will be signed by my mother, brother, sis-in-law that renounces their rights, and then get it signed in a US consulate, and then get that document registered in Pune. This sounds like a very complex process and there is no US consulate next to my mother, brother, and sis-in-law to a US consulate. Is there a simpler way to do this? Neither party has any bad intentions. We want to split the property 50-50 and move on with our lives. Thank you for your help. Anuj