girl parents forcing her for marriage against her wil n harassmen

Sir I rajesh meena n a girl name monika meena we r in relationship from from last six year and we met in a marriage of my cousin brother who married wid her cousion sister n luv each other so much n we are of same caste n community n I was working wid air force as communication technician from d last 9 years till last month... we talked n discussed about our relationship wid her mother but 2 year ago at dat time she simply refuse to accept our relationship coz she didn't lik my job of airforce reason dat it is low status job so we didnt react dat time n we simply prepare us to get at dat level n start doing preparation for competetive exams... As we luv each other to much more so we tried our level best to get that n finally I got job in two different sectors 1st in bank officer in boi n 2nd in auditor in cgda ... I had working wid airforce n it is not easy to leave job before 20 yrs. I had done wid 9 yrs of job n if I'll do for 6 more I'll eligible for pension but coz of her parents we decided that I'll quit wid airforce n start wid any of two these jobs .. But as discharge from airforce is not an easy task at any cost so I had to filled a case againt airforce for discharge from service on being selected to civil post class A job in august 2015 ( as bank officer is an class A ) n in between we decided to talk her familyabout our relationship n we want it sud b systematic n social marriage so 1st I talked wid my family n some how convinced n on request of us (by me n girl) my jija ji n my elder sister went to her house situated in delhi on 18 july 2015(as my father was dead in a road accident) so they asked her hand for me systematically but he also simply refused as they dont like my cousin family n simply disagree n ask to leave much rudely even after telling about our relationship but he was not ready to even listen dat... After dat he beaten d girl n harrased her continously fir two days n den confined to home.. after dat some how she abled to get escaped from her home on 20 July 2015 n roaming madly here n dere n den some how contact to me from some stranger phone n I reached dere to meet her n tried to calm her as she was in mental trauma n i know its not the way to resolve our problem so I tried to convinced her to get back her home that time she simply said if u dont want b wid me thats k, leave right there on road but dont insist me to go back to my home as they will not agree for marriage not even at the cost of her life as she told they threatened her for her life too but I calm down her n trying to convinced her I n my family will again talk fo her parents but for now its better to good back to home as u r a girl n coz of that instance your parents will dishonest in society n in between her father call on the cell of my jiju n threaten him if she will not back to home for 3 to 4 times then in evening they will telling ki come back to home we are agree but come back but even after dat the girl is not ready to accept this so I n her went to police station hari nagar new delhi in evening n write a statement about all dat happening in dat day n especially about the risk to her life by her parents so police mens called her parents n told to take her from police station but tget refused to take her from station n simply said ki agar wo police mein complaint krti h toh hum use lene ni ayenge n agar ghar ana h toh complaint wapas le n den hum uski marriage bhi kra denge uss ladke k sath... So we decided to take our complaint back but give an statement about risk to her life from her parents so police told us ki they will b in touch in every 3 days den after that my elder sis n jija will take her to her home n handed over safely n they told them k they are agree for marriage n wil do in few months n she they gave her cell back n live normally but she was still confined to home for the period of more Den six months n slowly slowly turn there raction n harrased her n scold n beat her many times coz of that she was weaker day by day but they told her not to talk to me repeatedly n harrased her n confined at her. Home n on dat friday they will take her to their village in rajasthan n trying to done her married forcefully n today I got a call from her cousion first asking me about my new job n address where I working at present n suddenly he is therenten to me for my life n told me agar wo marti ho to mar jaye but hum iski marriage tumse ni krane wale n hamne kahi or koi ras rista dekha h n tumhari family n tumhe kat k fek denge n lastly told me k agar use marna bhi pad toh ye ni sochenge ki wo hamari behan h... Now sir I have a threat to her life as she was brought to her village n there no will get to what happend wid her n hows she is now... So please help me out sir please to save her n get back to delhi n get back to me.. Her father is executive engineer in cpwd n presently working in delhi n having gud relations wid officials..