Landlord is demanding for one month of rent

Dear Sir, I have rented a Bachelor room and I paid 10k as advance. Which I paid 8k through NEFT and 2k by cash. Rent of the same is 4k per month. The owner of the room said that he's going deduct 4k I.e 1 months rent as painting and cleaning charges at the time of vacating the room. And there is no legal or any kind of written agreement took place. Now After 7 months I wanted to vacate the room and I informed him on the 9th of December and I haven't paid last(November) months rent yet which I have to pay on 5th of the December and I told him to deduct 4k for painting and cleaning as he told before and plus 4k as November month's rent and also I told him to deduct the rent for the extra days I stayed. But now the landlord is demanding to pay 4k more as a one month notice. Now he's demanding as to pay 4k otherwise I'll charge a police complaint. The thing is we didn't had any written agreement and also he was not informed about this notice period while I was occupying. Even I'm telling him to deduct rent for excess days I stayed but he's telling to pay for one full month rent n threatened of police complaint. Please help me over this Do i need to pay him one month of rent which I have not stayed? We don't had any agreement Even after deduction of rent and painting charges he only have to pay 2k something but still he's demanding for one full month's rent of 4k. Thanks and regards Manjunath