Harassment from bride family & relatives

My cousin brother got engaged which was arranged. After 6 months of engagement the bride's father has called up to say that they are not comfortable with the marriage and will like to break the relationship. Marriage was due in 7th month 10 days prior to the above call. The bride side has visited groom's side and discussed how things were to happen at marriage.. till the end of meeting they have shown no signs of breaking the marriage , Can above episode be termed as breach of trust.?? Lately both the parties were quite for a while for a span of 15 -20 days. From groom side the reason for not communication was , giving bride side the time to emerge for the uncomfortableness that they might be feeling due to unknown reasons After a month bride side has sent a letter stating that they have broken the relationship and want to settle down with exchange of gifts that has taken place during engagement. Since then groom side has sent multiple emails stating that there is no intent to keep hold of gifts .., also multiple dates for the meeting were given to bride side , which were turned down by them due some or the other irrelevant reason. Also the bride side is not directly communicating to the groom immediate family members. Instead they are calling up groom relatives and giving an intent of knowing local judge and threatening. On call the bride side is stating that judge has advised for filing a legal case of harassment. can this be considered as threat call?? Also in the same call the bride side says that groom's immediate family members are not picking up the phone. (Which is actually a false) the bride side hasn't directly called to groom or groom's immediate family members The above whole episode seems to be a case of harassment by bride side as; 1. they are not settling down for date of meeting for settling exchange of gifts 2. an indirect threat by by leveraging personal relations with local judge Pl let us know how to deal with this. With such breed of people how can the above mentioned case can be legally backed up in defensive as well attacking ways.Also with help of your advice how it is possible to restrain the bride's family from defaming anyone from groom side in present & in future. Will it be wise to put this situation in a social webpage so that whosoever knows them is alert & bride family cannot harass anyone else.