My husband does not cares or loves or wants me anymore

I am married since 5 years. I have a kid of 2.5 years and I am right now in my parents house. My husband wanted me to stay in my parents house becz their parents will not take care of my child. This all is because mine is love marriage and not arranged. Because of some misunderstandings and also becz of gap nw my husband Doesnot love me anymore and when I am back from onsite his mobile bil has a number of one girl and I feel he s having relationship becz of which our fights started and he started to speak that I have the relationship too and started torturing..never ny husband took care of me and my son and I am doing software job and I am using my own money for my after not being in contact with me since a month he started coming home but he Doesnot speaks to me well..he is jus home to show off everyone that he s coming to us that's it. But he never shares his mobile also and it will b always lock. Todau he took my child to their home without informig me and taking care of my child. He s always torturing me with his behaviour and not physically but mentlly I am really getting depressed day by day there any solution to solve my issue. I want my husband but can't stay with in-laws as my notherinlaw Doesnot likes me and wants me to come there but she jus acts in front of everyone that she likes me. Mu husband many times tracked me when I am leaving to office also that's very hurting. Is there any solution please suggest