College authority asking to submit original educational documents

I went to attend an interview in an autonomous college in Bangalore. Before the interview I was asked to fill up a proforma. Apart from my basic details and educational details, at the end I saw a declaration to submit all original marksheets and certificates in case I join the institution. Previously, I have worked in a private university and another autonomous college in Bangalore. But they never asked to submit original documents. But recently I found out that asking the employees to submit original documents is a common practice in the colleges in Bangalore. Since I never came across such claims before, after seeing the proforma, I was taken aback. How can I deal with this in case I join this institution? Moreover, they are looking for a candidate who can fulfill the UGC qualifications of having PhD & NET, but when it comes to salary they are exploiting by saying "What is the least salary you expect?" By no means are they ready to pay UGC scale. Unfortunately, after going through so much struggle of qualifying NET and earning a PhD, everything seems futile.