498a/34 ipc 3/4 dp act, d.v act

My wife left my home 1 and 1/2 year back. I got married in 2013 may. My old parrents are staying in village. They both were retierd 2 years back. Suddenly my wife entered in my home in village with the help of there parent and local criminals. And she and her parents totaly disturbed my social life there in village. Every day they use to make new scene. After seeing a month a filed a divorce case against her . then she in reply filed 498a 34ipc and dv act case against me. My family is terrorised by the family members of my wife. They have criminal contact. Her maternal uncle is a local criminal. Her mother is a nurse and her father is in school in my vill. Only so they have gr8 local support in fact my relatives are in there support because they will get there part of cut. My parents are hostiled in my home only. We dont have any support. She is doing this to a quire all my property . my wife is having ill relationship with the local don of my area. We dont have any gabah what to do to get rid of this situation.