Dropped resignation and did not serve notice

SIR There are three companies in my scenario company X where I was earning 10.5 l / annum which shutted down indian operations company Y where I was working with 7.0 l / annum and from where I resigned within 5 months of service company Z where I currently joined and am working The company Y signed a bond with me stating that it will provide me training and that there is a monetary term associated with leaving the company before 2 years of service and seperate monetary term if in case i joined a competor. But the company did not provide me any training or any additional expenditures. I was working there as a bonded contract labourer without any leaves assigned as I was on probation for six months. I left after 5 months dropping a resignation and not serving notice period as my new company Z did not need any relieving or experience certificates My salary in my previous comany X was 3.5l annually more than what company Y offered me and I have to take up this offer unwillingly signing a bond as company X shutted down indian operations and I was financially crushed and having financial issues Now my new company Z has offered me a decent salary and I am comfortable working with this company But my previous employer company Y has threatened me of legal action as I did not serve notice period and did not obey the statements of bond. They have marked me as absconding and threatned of strict disciplinary action Can you please recommend me what should be my further course of action and is there any kind of threat for me in future