Well about 2-3 months ago i was involved in something where my personal phone was taken by the police I knew i didn't have anything to hide but the school i went to through i did so they called the police i was asked if i could leave my phone on a table to i could not tell my friends anything to hide stuff... Well about 3 hours after i was sat in a room with no explanation the principle came in and took my school laptop and phone off this table and said the police had a warrant to take it. (i was not shown this "Warrant") I told he to leave it right where it was sitting she went ahead and took it. I have now called the police 5-10 times asking how long their warrant lasts and what it says. First i was told that they didn't even have one and that they were still working on it and they have the right to keep it (I am only 16 and i knew a lot about the law well more than most 16 year olds) so i thought it was a bit odd I than called 2 weeks later to hear my phone was sent away to some crime lab where they are downloading my hard drive to view it.. I than replied with may i come to the station tomorrow and view the warrant. they had replied "the case has been moved to a different station" at this point i was very angered but i stayed within my guidelines and didn't say anything bad. Now i called 2 days ago to see when they would be done and i could get my phone back which they said it could be anytime from tomorrow to 6 months to a year... I know from legal friends and parents that a warrant says in which time they could keep this object after that the warrant must be reviewed by a judge and they have to see if they think with the proof that they may extend this warrant.. so i ask this officer well how long does this warrant say you guys can keep this phone in which he said i can not tell you over the phone as i may not be speaking with who you said you are... so i gave him my phone number and he said he would email the lead detective where he could call me and help explain things it's been 2 days like i said and no call no nothing. I know most warrant say 3 months and that times almost done.. What do i do?