Sub tenant

This is a case of subletting. Wherein, three parties are involved a) Landlord b) Tenant c) Sub Tenant. Case had been submitted by landlord on both tenant and sub-tenant on property which has been sublet by tenant. In reality, property has never been given on rental bases by the tenant i.e sub-tenant has never been financial charged by the tenant due to relative cum family ties. Till date tenant pays the rents for both the properties. i.e. wherein one tenant currently resides and second within the tenant don't reside. The rental receipts are one for both the properties. The recent Judgement provided states to evacuate both rooms i.e. the current tenant living in, along with the sublets room. The tenant is living since 4 generation on the said property other than sublet property. Tenant have all the legal documents i.e. rent receipt for both the property on the name of the forefather. How can the tenant save the property from the wordic provided by the judge. Is there a possibility to save one of the properties say - the current property wherein tenant resides. Or both can be saved. Would stay order will provide a safety step ? Please advice.