Employer threatning to put harrasment case if asked for salary

Physical assault and salary not dispersing I started working for a unregistered company as it was one of my friends sometimes back, he gave the hardcopy of appointment letter where we both need to sign and keep a copy of each, i signed and asked for his signature but he didnt signed it and told me that he might need to change the logo of company so will give a new one, i worked for him for 8 months with only 3 -4 employees with myself being male and other 2 female employees, 28th Nov. i received a whatsapp message from employer that do not contact him ever without letting me know what happened, i went to office next day, to my surprise he banned my entrance in the office inspite of asking why is he doing this (internally i knew he dont want to give salary as his work was not doing well as he barely comes to office), i still tried asking him to talk to me but to my utter surprise he tried pushing me out of office and threatened me that he with 2 female employees in office will put a case of sexual harassment on me if i tried to ask for salary or done anything against office, he had not given me my salary for November and not even given me the notice period for 1 month to search for job. To prove that i was working with that organization 1. He used to send me the salary from his current account 2. My outlook express mail was on company domain, so i had screenshot for those 3. Details of the projects he is working 4. His mails from personal ids offering me the email and password for office email account. 5. Whats app messages 6. Skype messages 7. He litrellay came charging on me in front of the office and i may get the cctv footage from building admin. Please let me know what action can i take against him, as i m mentally very disturbed and afraid specially when he threatened that office female employees will put harrasment case....plz help