Delay of payment & delay of Possession Flat buy at Pune

Hi Team, I have bought property 2640000/- and in booking amount Rs 200000/ has been paid on Dec 2012 and later on I had applied for loan and not able to get sanction from four Institute Bank of India, Edliswiss, Mahindra Finance & Maharashtra bank and it take almost may 2014 means 1 year late as per payments due and Given them all dues amount 2140000 up to sept 2014 (assume 5 month for grace time for loan sanction ) when construction in progress 80% as per builder said construction % complete Date 60% [deleted] 80% [deleted] 90% [deleted] Payments Installment Payment Date Total amount Installment [deleted] 200000 200000 [deleted] 340000 140000 [deleted] 490000 150000 [deleted] 590000 100000 [deleted] 940000 350000 [deleted] 1540000 400000 [deleted] 2140000 600000 [deleted] 2340000 200000 [deleted] 2540000 200000 [deleted] 2840000 300000 So now builder given letter to me in Jun 2015 as mention that give us 2% PM interest on delay payments and asking for 2.5 lakhs I have agree to pay 1 lakh but he does not agree and therefore I have compline to consumer forum/ Cnbc Awaaz Media Pvt Ltd for the correct action Note that even builder have also given late possession almost 16 month and I have delay payment 12 month so I am believe that I am not liable to pay single rupee for an interest Regards, Amrut Hankare