Notice from Society for Demolision of Weather Shed on my terrace

Dear Sir, I need a advice. I have a flat on the first floor with a terrace and below are shops. In last several years after repeated complaints from the shop owners for leakage problems to the society and many quarrels with them and no solution from the society I have put a galvanized weather shed on the terrace. These also have been put on terraces of many buildings by individual contributions of the building residents. Some residents of my building have complained to the Now I have received a letter from the society saying its an unauthorized construction asking me to demolish the shed in 15 days or else the society will demolish the same at my cost and risk. From reading the society bye laws from whatever I could understand, the society does not have any rights to take any decision on demolition work and cannot judge if its an authorized or unauthorized construction. Pls advice what should I do. Is it possible to get a stay order from the court granting me relief till the court decides in its order. Pls advice me on the procedure of the same.