Mentaly herresment

I Have been married for 3yrs after 2 days of my marriage my in laws behavior and my husband ignorance i left my in laws house.after 1 month later of my marriage i was going with my mother-in law but my husband ignorance was as it continuous without any reason and after 10 days , during these 10 days i am suffering from ill but my husband didn't meet me not caring me, then i will be back after this my in laws was not contact me. our family are meeting with family members and they continue blaming me like isne pair nahi chuye and yeh kahti hai mujhe bahar khana kilao and so on and matter was finish without any conclusion. and after it they didn't meet me again. when i m asking my husband about husband job but they did not tell me and when asking about in laws they also do so.before my engagement they tell us the boy lived in Australia and after marriage they settle in India i m also that time living in Jaipur and my husband is also then i m asking husband living together but he said i m not affording your living with me. there are no physical relation between us. after 3 years today i m totally mentally disturb i m a law and mca qualified girl.when i write a complain in mahila thana then inspector suggest me and my family for settlement and they call my husband and my in laws but my in laws was not coming and my husband coming with unknown people whom our family was not know about them and before it we are not meeting them. mahila thana in charge and lady constable worse behavior we will be i know about my rights and what i do then the entire family furnished for spoiling my life. now i m also jobless.