Right of owners in building

Hi, our apartment is not registered but we just formed an association among us - president, secretary and treasurer. This was done in 2011 or may be 2010 ending. i told them to make maintenance expenses and display to all every month or 3 months once as per their convenience and also we assigned duties to the watchman. Till date watchman has never done his duty except switching on and switching off water pumps. Salesman come inside building premises, visitors vehicles are parked inside. i informed this to committee but they never took action against him and they never showed any maintenance record from 2013 onwards. Maintenance record showed till 2012 was also not clear and clearly frauds were involved and they were fighting that time so I kept quite and moved on but this time, I have stopped maintenance since March 2015 for following reasons: 1. no maintenance record shown 2. watchman doesnt do his duty, they just scold him for name sake and when questioned they lie saying he is doing his work but he is not Now is it not the right of the owner/tenant to stop maintenance as committee not showing records of maintenance our terrace is open 24 hrs, is this okay? can i take action on this? ppl dry their clothes in terrace even though all flats have one balcony, can this be stopped? also some ppl go on terrace and drink and smoke? any action on this? i discussed the matter with few flat owners but no one is bothered on this I have calculated expenses and income on my own and it comes to my calculation nearly 2 lakhs is saved right now (corpus fund of 100 Rs collected since 2011 from 23 flats and 15k from internet tower since 2010) and some small savings from actual maintenance cost (720 Rs) So what things i can do to solve this Also one person purchased a flat to do his business, he doesn't live here but only does his business. No nuisance created by him except he leaves his materials openly in one corner of cellular. can i file a complaint to remove his office? if yes where?