Steps for eviction

His is to inform you that as of today the 10th Dec 2015, the part deposit for the flat of 25k is still due (due to have been paid on 2nd Oct 2015), before the possession of the flat. The month rent of xxk for the month of december is still due (due to be paid by 7th Dec 2015 as per the agreement) Further the three cheques issued by you have bounced on 8 Oct 2015 (10k 15k), and 9th Dec 2015 (57k) respectively, which we feel is a serious breach of contract Since both these things have not been paid, inspite of a lot of assurances and promises, I would like you to refer to our registered agreement on the above subject Dear sir As per agreement terms, have given 30 days notice to my tenant starting 10th Dec at the end of which I would request you to vacate the flat, handover peaceful possession and terminate the agreement. I have further put the following "Please note that I will adjust the unpaid rentals/ other expenses (including the charges levied for bounced cheques etc) against security deposit and refund the balance back if any, when you hand over the keys. Therefore the date to vacate the premises would be 10th Jan 2016. this is also as confirmed and agreed with your call my father this morning. Please also note that it may not be possible to extend this date. Questions: 1. the fact that his cheques have bounced 3 times, and yet not paid on the due date, does it give me enough reasons to ask for eviction 2. do i need to get it countersigned from him. he has acknolwedged the reciept of my email and has agreed to vacate the premises on the said date. 3. is he obligated for us to allow inspect the property as i am worried that he may do nasty things during notice period. if so can we just go for surprise visit 4. i have asked him to pay this months rent, and only the next months rent can be adjusted towards the deposit. he has acknowledged and agreed to this