Conversion of the divroce petition into mutual consent petition

Hi please guide me on below mentioned points as my husband has filed a divroce petition before one year and I have received interim maintenance order in my favour for our 2years old baby and for me. Nw my husband has asked me for settlement. Acordingly we have discussed our terms and we are orally agreed for the same.So nw I want to knw guidance on these points 1 .what is beneficial for me to convert the petition or to file seperate mutual consent petition also instead of these both can we just file joint Purshis and close the matter ? 2. If any party will back out or will be absent what will be the status of the mutual consent petition? 3. Also if the mutual consent petition gt dismissed what will be the status of the original petition and monthly interim maintenance? 3. If any party will be back out or will be absent then the other party will get divroce? 4. If the mutual consent petition gt dismisd and if we want to continue the old matter what should we write in the draft? 5. Mode of payment which one is gd to deposit the money in the court while signing the terms or instalments in my account. 6. we can endorse the consent terms if he fails to pay the entire amount. Bt against what we can execute the order? Only against his undertaking in the draft? As we don't know about his any financial , property and job status. So please guide me what we can write into that para? If he fails to pay what we can do 7. We are not responsible against each other's loan , transactions etc accordingly hw to frame the lines? 8. If we realised the difference between the certified copy and the draft which I have signed what steps can we take? 9. Can we challenge mutual consent in higher court? 10. Also pl let me know Process of conversion of the matter and steps of the mutual consent process till the decree. Thanks alot