Hello there, Brief Property Description: I bought a plot(300sq yards) recently that is part of approved Urban Development Authority covering total Extent of 12Acre. Before the total land was approved by UDA, it was converted from agricultural land to non-agricultural(approved). Property History: The above said land was acquired from multiple farmers by a developers and formed it as one layout. Part of the above land was purchased from a farmer (Say person A) that he got from his father as part of partition. Now, Person A has 4 children (2 Male and 2 Female). 2 Female got married and are settled with their respective families and is been 2-3decades. Meanwhile Person A along with his 2 children (male) sold the property(1Acre to a developer(say dev1) in 2002. who in return sold to another developer(say dev2) who converted the total land of 12 acres to non-agricultural land and divided it into plots(Draft layout - UDA approved 2004 and Final layout approved 2008) and sold them. Among these plots there are plots those having multiple transfer of ownership. Meanwhile, Person A died in the year 2006 and also his wife demised in the year 2012. Later in 2014 December month Both Daughters of Person A filed a case in the civil court demanding for their share from 1Acre. They also mentioned in their affidavit that they have come to know about the sale deed between Person A(along with his 2 sons) and Dev1 in the recent times via RTI. As part of the affidavit the petitioners mentioned defendants to be 2 brothers and Dev1. My question: 1. How Strong the case is? where would it lead to? 2. Will this effect the current site owners by any means? 3. Can this case be considered to be a family issue that will be between the siblings and may not effect the current plot owners?