Checque Dishonour

Dear sir, Please consult. I am owner a small pvt ltd firm. i took this company from some other one in 2012. I start this with one another of my friend. But actually we do not know anything about company rules and regulations at that time, we just started. No written commitments no paper work a lot, Just i did the hard work to increase the company.My friend was totally irresponsible, no time no money he spent for company. Although he was also not any legal entity with company. It was starting of our business so i got loss many time. When he see this he claim me that i do not want to work like that and i was with you for 2 years now give me money on the behalf of i spent time and some little bit money as in TA or something. On that behalf he took three checques (PDC as that time company account was nill) of the company, total of 85000. But after that he also sold all assets of the company when i was not there. On asking he said that he was in need of money and we will discuss on that i will return the all checque to you which i have taken. It was the matter of April 2014. But he did not return the checque. And as now i have settled company and working in good way he fraudulently want again money on those checque base. One checque has been expired by 3 months but 2 are remaining. Although i had make stop payments against those but he present one of them in bank and made that dishonour and now warning me to file case in court. What should i do please consult a good way.