Can i file a mental harrassment case against my college professor

Greetings Everyone, I am a UG student and i am in my final year of pursuing my B.E. Degree. I know there is a lot worth of teachers and gurus in our life; but some persons don't value thier position of being a teacher. Our college has a scheme of writing some IMP questions by cramming and just writing in a class where a professor is allotted on invigilation; and the students have to write the questions in front of them. All other students have completed it by improper means; which is against the rules made by the college professors; but i chose to walk on the right path even if I am able to complete or not. The professor knows the fact that who has done what to complete those questions. He has caught few students too; but instead of taking actions on them; he allowed them and did not take any kind of action against them; and gave them good marks in Internals. I have tried my best to complete; but I was not able to do so; and now that professor is asking me either to complete or he will put fail grade marks in the INTERNALS. I think that i am paying the price for staying true to my own values. Is it necessary to pay a price with a loss of an year and a gap in my own career for staying true? And for this only purpose I am willing to file a mental harrassment case against him? Please guide me through this.