Dowry harassment

I am harassed and not treated well by my husband and in laws. They have demanded and taken: They have taken money as cash 1 day before the engagement. They have taken money as cheque before the marriage. After marriage they are forcing me to keep my gold with my in laws, giving the reason of custom and need to follow. And taken up fights, harassed and ill-treated and used awful language on me and my parents. My husband is ill-treating and not caring about me. He is trying all tactics to get gold. Otherwise he is ignorant about me. And ill-treating . They are demanding the gold which was given to me by my parents. Because of ill treatment I am unable to stay in his house. And now I stay at parents house. My elders spoke to him and his elder, but they used awful language n ill-treated me and my parents Later my husband sent me a notice that he has put gold for me in marriage, I had left his home with all gold ,I have to get all gold to his home. So not tolerating his harassment I have given reply to his notice that I am ill-treated by him and I had not taken any gold that belongs to him . I have filled a dowry harassment complaint in police station. I have filled domestic violation in court. Now In DV case CDP notice was sent . he did not receive it .they stuck to door. RPD notice was sent. Pls advice me how to track RPD notice. I don’t know if he rejected it. Kindly advice procedure to be taken. dowry harassment case is registered in court and date is 4 months latter. Pls advice me how to track summons for dowry harassment case is taken by husband. Pls Advice me