How to file a divorce case

First time happened when we both were living alone in 2012 and she left home in the morning leaving her mobile at home and I was looking for her along with my friends until evening. I know she did this purposefully upon idea form her brother/father. Her parents came and took her along with them. Being a middle class family fearing courts brought her back and I myself got her treated with some lady psychiatrist and 1 year went normally. When she was pregnant I went onsite and her delivery upon her choice happened at my mothers place and her parents stayed at my place and created many problems. At this time all the treatment files were with her and found they are missing later. After delivering a baby she was staying at her fathers place. I thought of taking her along with me to abroad and when everything was ready she came back from her parents place and created a big situation.We took her to doctor again who declared her unstable and advised us not to travel with her.this is the only proof ( doctor's letter) I have now. Then when questioned by my relatives her father agreed that she went to such depression while Again her parents took her along with them and they were staying at her brothers place. This time having no response from them over bringing us together my father approached them from their relatives. When their relatives tried to call them they refused for any mediation. As I was Missing my wife and baby I went to their place (leaving my job) after 8 months and decided to stay with them for 2-3 months. Again this time her brother created problem and starting physically attacking me on very small matter. I left their house out of fear and am now staying with my parents. finally what I understand is they are ruthless people and don't even answer my parents or elders call. What should I do know - now i am fearing how to solve this - I am missing my baby so much and though I love my wife I am now in deep fear that she will always try taking advantage of me and my softness towards her.