How to claim inheritance Rights

Hi, can I know the procedure for filing a case for wrong possession of our property. Now we have my dad's property of 3acres in taluka Patoda district Beed in Maharashtra. This 3acre of land was given to my dad from the govt. Now my dad is no more alive . we are 3sons of my father and my elder brother is also no more. So by inheritance this 3acre will b divided among us 3 me,my younger brother and elder brother's wife. As this property is my dad's name and I'm staying in Bangalore past 25yrs without my knowledge and notice my uncle's son has sold it to some person . and he has got all fake property papers done .. And unknowingly they have taken signature of my younger brother .and I believe they might have given bribe to the talati too cause in the 7/12 form it is written they have put my cousins name as my dad's true son . Please help us with the procedure what to do to claim right ? How to remove my cousins name ? As we are the true sons of my father? Which office to go ? Where should we submit?