Domestic Enquiry

I am regular employee in clerical job for the last 22 years in Charitable Hospital owned by private organisation running under trust. Any cases between employer and employee if arises are dealt goes to Labour Officer and Labour Court upon employees termination/dismissal. Recently an Domestic Enquiry was held against by the management as my close relative have written letter directly to Head Guru of the Society/Institution seeking time for personal hearing for me as during the past months I have suffered from the hands of Administration as I have brought out certain facts before the higher authority regarding misappropriation of funds which were also recovered back but for this I have to suffer that I was transferred to another hospital running under the society and I was also not called for higher post for which I have applied and rather an employee much junior to me with non eligible of qualification was alone called and selected. In the Enquiry I was not allowed to avail the services of any advocate by the Enquiry Officer who is an Advocate appointed by the management. In cross examination no time was given to me and I have to cross exam all the witness on same day whereas management was given sufficient time. When management cross examined me my statement what I have stated was not recorded properly and I was made to sign the same. On repeated request I was given letter which was written by my relative to Head Guru and no where I found his any remarks of Enquiry or his signatures. In fact management with revengeful attitude is feeling inconvenience and set this enquiry for which result is awaited of Enquiry Officer. Please also clarify my questions that if management terminate/dismiss my services can I straight away approach the Labour Court or do I first need to file complaint with conciliation officer who will refer my case to Labour Court. Further Enquiry was held at Head Office Charitable Hospital owned by Trust who is also having its registered place owned by the trust (Not Hospital) where I reside and claim jurisdiction on this point that trust is also having its registered place where I am residing. Please advice if any more remedy available. Last I want to say that I am just punished for the truth I have spoken but against the Administration.