What can we do?

Hi.. I loved my husband and married him.. at the time of marriage my husband's dad had a lot of debts and his house was about to be auctioned by bank as he was a defaulter which he couldn't clear. So we took personal loan and also my dad gave his savings to get the house back that is about 25 Lacs and my husband took personal loans for his dad's sake which we are paying till now which is equivalent to 25 lacs. All the wedding expenses were my dad's as they said they don't have any money.. my motherin law and father in law were nice till 5 months after wedding.. now they are showing their true colour.. they are trying to burden us more with expenses.. and they promised to give the money back but now they are delaying on Purpose and abusing me and my family by talking ill.. and restricting me talking to my sister and dad.. and their daughters are also very evil and creating problems.. I really don't know if there is a solution to these kind of problems.. or I don't know if the law considers this as a problem also... please advise.. because of the stress I believe my health is affected too..