Deliberate judicial lock on the case, How to unlock it?

The order of AP High court in WPMP 9157/13 reads as follows: ORDER The learned standing counsel for GHMC seeks time to file counter. Post on 10.06.2013. In the meanwhile, the house of the petitioner bearing No.6-3-1177/45 situated at B.S. Maqtha, Begumpet, Hyderabad, shall not be demolished. 'In the meanwhile' refers to 'between two events' / ' till certain period' etc. as per any dictionary. Hence the Stay order was till 10-6-2013 or the Counter was filed. Both were fulfilled and no further mention of any extension eighter sought or granted. GHMC Counsel hand in glove with Writ Petitioner for heavy monetar considerations, says that 'Stay is existing. When argued before AP Lokayukta, he says GHMC Counsel is wrong and the Complainant before Lokayukta is correct, but he cannot take any action because GHMC Counsel is not a public servant and the public servant is not guilty due to the fact that he relies on GHMC Counsel's opnion, hence did not take any action. Lokayukta asks complainant to approach High court and get clarification, then only he will take action against public servant.i.e. Commissioner of GHMC. I approach the Registrar (Admin) and Judicial Registrar of High court, they say it is for the parties to interpret and act accordingly on the orders themselves, there is no provision, rule and procedure to give opnion on High court orders separately by any authority under High court. Still I filed RTI petition to that effect with Stary order copy, GHMC Counsel's tainted letter and Lokayukta's docket order to get clarification, but no reply was given either to RTI petition or the First appeal made. Kindly advise, since the Stay order is not subsisting in actual terms on the face of order itself which was orally confirmed on the bench by Lokayukta himself but not taking any action and directing me to High court for clarification where I do not get any answer, then WHAT IS THE SOLUTION LIE TO MAKE LOKAYUKTA TAKE ACTION AGAINST ERRING GHMC OFFICIALS BY CONFIRMING AND CLARIFYING IT THROUGH HIGH COURT WHICH HAS BECOME IMPOSSIBLE TO GET THE ANSWER FROM? PLEASE ADVISE???