Seek guidance on ancestral property

Hello Sir, We belong to a village in Jamtara in Jharkhand. Since, our father was posted in Patna, we have stayed there for the major part of our lives and had little to do with the family possessions and have not taken a single share of all the properties that were ancestral and were sold or leased. My father expired last year. Post his demise, we went to the village and as the ritual goes in this world, the relatives(the 1st n the 2nd cousins of my father) tried to shrug their shoulders from any further liabilities. So its just me, my younger brother and my mother. We got to know in brief that there's a land stretch in our father's name and then shares in other land patches which are massive. We didn't care otherwise but given the mistreatment are really concerned over the chances of these being sold/leased without our consent. We have no idea on the laws of Jharkhand court, or where do we need to go in this matter or if we can at all claim the property and sell it off if we wish to. Seek an urgent guidance on the same. Thanks and Regards, Preeti